Board of Directors and CEO 

Over the decades of ups and downs and changes in the composition of shareholders and Board of Directors, Iran Argham continued its activities as a Joint Stock Company until 2003. Then, according to clause 35 of the Budget Law of 2000, stocks of High Council of Informatics (related to MPO) transferred to the Tifco through an auction. After that, stocks of Bank Mellat also transferred to Farhangian Investment Co. (One of the subsidiaries of the Tifco). In March 10, 2004, according to the minutes of extraordinary general meeting, Iran Argham converted to a "public company" and became ready to offer its shares in Tehran Stock Exchange. At present, the company's main shareholders include Farhangian Investment Co., Economic complex of the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, Saman Farhanghian Co. and the Company directors representing shareholders that include:

Mahmoud Askari Azad 

Chairman of the Board

Abed Aftabi

Managing Director
and Member of the Board

Ahmad Mirdamadi

 Deputy Chairman of the Board

Majid Khamarian

Member of the Board

Ansar Nemati

Member of the Board