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Software Support

Iran Argham banking Switch for data exchange – SABA Switch- has been installed in the major Iranian banks such as Sepah, Tejarat, Sarmayeh and Ghavamin and is operational to serve customers of these banks. So, the permanent support service (24 hours a day and seven days a week) also enjoys a special importance and software support experts of Iran Argham undertake this substantial task.

The main actions that carried out in software support section include:

- Installation, setting up, maintenance and support of SABA switches and related systems

- Installation, setting up, maintenance and support of active databases and continuous updating of required plug-ins

- Constant visit of bank sites to Check health of Saba switch hardwares and servers

- Installation and setting up the required operating system for servers, antiviruses, applications and SABA switch different channels and updating them

- To fix potential conflicts in transactions