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Iran Argham Corporation started its activities as an exclusive representative of NCR in 1956. From 1969 until 1983 these activities continued under the name of "The NCR Iran".

Transfer of ownership to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

In 1983 , according to an agreement, NCR Corporation transferred all of the stakes of "The NCR Iran" to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its name changed to "The Computing services of Iran Argham".

Entrance to the world of ATM

Using its past experiences and understanding of market and based on customer needs, Iran Argham introduced ATM machines to the Iranian market for the first time in 1991. These machines installed and launched in Bank Sepah and Bank Mellat. So, Iran Argham registerd its name in the history as the first provider of ATM machines in Iran.

Admission to the Stock Exchange

In 2005, Iran Argham was accepted by the Stock Exchange and considered as one of the few IT companies in Iran that works as a public corporation and is active in stock market.