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 Using just one module, this new generation machine can offer currency deposit service and withdraw the same currency. Enjoying advanced payment technology, small space and expandable modules, makes the device efficient, inexpensive and a comprehensive solution to provide new services to banking customers.


 Some of the other advantages include:

 • Ability to accept, identify and recognize Iran's currency and international currencies (without bags) and immediate deposit to bank customers' accounts

• Connection to SHETAB network to provide all SHETAB services

• Registration and tracking the serial number of currencies that will be presented by the bank customers to devices

• Motivate the shopkeepers and owners of currencies to open an account in the bank and use the aforementioned services

• Providing optional modules such as paying coins and two-dimensional Barcode Reader

• To charge credit cards (subway and buses)

• To reduce the cost of money in the banking system

• To reduce the needed time to put money in the machine

• Exchange foreign currencies

• To reduce the cost of financing and increase safety

• Service improvement through integration of features of two machines in one machine and the noticeable rise in bank customers

• Saving on labor costs, annual support costs and supplies