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As the first importer of ATM technology to Iran that enjoys the majority of market share in this field, Iran Argham is the pioneer corporation of this industry. Its new generation ATMs are small and multipurpose products of GRG Corporation. Their design are beautiful, creative and ergonomic and their main function include paying cash money to customers. Given its price, the investment will soon turn to profit Some of our ATMs advantages include:

• To occupy small space

Convenient and friendly design for bank customers

• To increase customers’ satisfactions by adding modules such as Barcode Reader, RFID module to charge subway and bus e-tickets, etc.

Smart ATM

Smart ATM is a speedy ATM with high capacity that evaluates and categorizes different currencies in separate cassettes with serial number tracking ability. This machine is ideal for retailers with high amount of cash transactions such as supermarkets, gas stations and leisure centers.

Some of the Smart ATM advantages include:

To accelerate and facilitate the process of monetary operations

• To enjoy currency serial number tracking technology

Equipped with intelligent cash cassette that is interchangeable with cassettes of H68N/NL  CRS(Cash Recycler System)

• To occupy small space