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Iran Argham Banking switch

Given the software management focus on providing banking solutions and in order to meet the requirements of banks, Iran Argham Banking Switch (SABA), has designed and implemented. To do so, requirements of great banks and the volume of their transactions has been concerned. As a result, SABA switch can easily process large transactions. In addition to managing channels of communication as well as channels of information exchange between various ports, this switch provides necessary systems and facilities to fulfill e-banking operations through different gateways. 

Some of the capabilities of Iran Argham banking switch includes:

Channel Manager

ATM Controller & POS Controller

CRM Manager

Kiosk Controller

Card Management System to issue debit, purchase, gift, credit cards, etc.

BCMS system for issuing cards instantly at the bank branch (Windows and web-based)

Payment Gateway

Internet Banking

Mobile Banking

VoIP telephone banking system (IVR)

Direct charge sale system (Top up)

SMS Management

Credit card system

Electronic Journal System

Business intelligence system (BI)